Yesterday, I found myself arriving 'into' (as they like to say these days) London Gatwick on a flight from Gibraltar. Everything had gone smoothly up to that point and I was looking forward to a quick exit from the terminal and a speedy journey home. No such luck! The terminal was packed with people who … Continue reading Travelling

Walking the Office

I have taken to reading the Daily Office outdoors in the early morning and evening, walking the side-streets around where I live. In the unlikely case that you should be interested, I use a version of the Office called Celebrating Daily Prayer compiled by David Stancliffe, until recently Bishop of Salisbury: "a pocket version of … Continue reading Walking the Office

My half century

I am 50 today. It's strange. There is a feeling of having arrived – solid, adult, an achievement. I am a work-in-progress: who am I? who/what am I for? And, inevitably, there is death around the bend in the road. Somehow the now, the not-yet and the no more are held together. It beats me. … Continue reading My half century