To you

Christ and St Mena

Dear One,

I want you to enjoy your life. I want you to enjoy being alive.
Life is full of beautiful and interesting things, and people, and places.
There’s far more here than you can ever possibly experience.
Follow your curiosity. Let it be your guide.

Do not worry about making mistakes.
Do not worry about whether you are doing it right or wrong.
I love you, whatever you do, whoever you become.
There is nothing to prove to me.

You do not need to appease anybody.
You already have my complete trust and acceptance. You always have.

You do not need to impress anyone.
I am already delighted with you. I always have been.

Trust your dreams.
I have no goals for you. There is nothing you have to achieve.
You are already perfect to me.

I want you to be free to follow your curiosity and to do what you truly want.
And if you do nothing and achieve nothing, you have already been everything that I have ever wanted.
You are already enough. You always have been.

My one wish for you is that you enjoy this life. It won’t always be easy.
Life is difficult, and at times painful. You will make many mistakes.
But life is not a test. No one is keeping score. There are no grades.
You are already forgiven. Indeed, there is nothing to forgive.

My dear child, life is now.
Do not always rush to finish what you are doing.
Do not always hasten on to the next appointment.
Do not always look for entertainment.
This time and this place are full of delight and interest.
Open your heart; relish it. It is all for you.

I am with you always.

You have all my love.

I am more grateful for you than you can ever know.

9 thoughts on “To you

  1. Julian this is beautiful especially as next Friday is my 70th & I can imagine my late mother sending me this with her unconditional love from her heavenly home ..
    God bless you Julian…

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