Training, Facilitation, Teaching

I love working with groups offering exploration, development, and training in personal spiritual practice and the craft of spiritual direction:

  • practices of prayer and meditation
  • presence and embodied spirituality
  • the craft of spiritual direction
  • Ignatian Spirituality
  • supervision or ‘reflective practice’

My style of working is to explore and work with the experience of the people present. I do have information to impart, but in the area of spirituality I also believe that we already know much of what we need; we simply need to trust ourselves. My aim is to provide a calm, safe space where trust can grow and learning can happen.

I particularly enjoy facilitating a conversation, within a context of prayer, through which trust, respect and openness can grow. Then, each person’s authenticity can find expression and be witnessed. What really matters to people is more likely to be identified, and options for change can be explored.

Training spiritual directors

I have been a trainer and tutor on the Ignatian Spirituality Course since 1995. I have led both the 2nd and 3rd Years of the Course at different times. I am now an Associate Trainer teaching The Exercises in the 2nd Year.

I also offer individual days or weekends of training, supervision, and consultations with spiritual directors and those in training. Most recently I have devised and delivered training days for spiritual directors on the following topics:

  • The body in spiritual direction
  • Where is God in all this? (See presentation notes on this on the Resources page.)
  • The self of the spiritual director

Training, Facilitation, and Workshops

Through the experience of my own searching, there are things that have come to matter tremendously to me in my own spiritual practice and in my work.  I seek to offer to others what is of importance to me.

I can lead workshops in areas such as:

  • Prayer and Meditation: integrating prayer and meditation into everyday life
  • Embodied Spirituality: a spirituality rooted in the body & the world
  • Body and Presence
  • Illness and Spirituality: living our mortality