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These are recordings I am making of guided prayers, meditations, and exercises you can listen to. The page is a work in progress that will be populated with more audio files as they are recorded.

Click on the little arrow on the left-hand end to start playing a recording. Alternatively, you can download it as an mp3 to play on your favourite device.

Feel free to use or share these prayers and meditations with others. If you do this, please acknowledge where you got them, and direct people to this website. Please encourage them to subscribe.

If you are helped by these recordings, please consider supporting me with a donation towards the time they took to make and the cost of the equipment I use.

I am also in the process of putting these guided prayers on Insight Timer. I recommend the Insight Timer app as a way to support you in cultivating a daily rhythm of prayer and meditation. You can find my guided prayers and meditations at

These audio prayers are an experiment. Please help me with some feedback, either in the comment section below, or privately using the Contact page.


Simple opening to God’s presence
Prayer for sleep

This audio file is longer than the others. Here it is one complete recording.

Presence – Gratitude – Kindness (complete)

I have also divided it into five segments so you can focus on one of the three prayers if you wish.

Revisiting a God moment
Examen (short)
Examen (longer)
Examen (long)
What do you desire?
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2 thoughts on “Guided Prayer

  1. I discovered your guided meditations on Insight Timer and then found your site. Your work snd teaching is just what I need as I am finding God in me rather than outside of me. I am recovering from evangelicalism and thought I may need to give up God. I am grateful. Thank you.

    1. Hi Melody,
      Thank you for writing. I can only imagine that this is a tough transition – from what has held you in the past to finding a new, more authentic relationship with God in you. This can be a lonely but ultimately fulfilling journey. I hope you find people and places that welcome you and allow you to journey in your own way.
      With my prayers,

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