I am Trump

I think President Donald J. Trump is the apotheosis of our system.
He is not mad or bad.
He is ourselves writ large.
He shows us what we have become.

When we demonise him, we are decrying what is wrong in ourselves.
I think that all the protests – the protests against Trump and against Brexit, and all the protest votes that have led to Trump and Brexit – are protests against our system.
What is wrong with our system?
I think it is simple.
There is an enormous amount of money in the world.
We are, as a species, enormously wealthy.
But there is a scandalous inequality in how these riches are distributed.
If there were an equitable distribution there would be more than enough for everyone to have what they need and to be happy, to flourish and to live fruitful lives.
But those of us who are fabulously wealthy refuse this obvious solution.
We will not share.

I have a front door that I keep closed against people I don’t know, who are not like me. I only let in people I know and like.
I have a second bedroom that is unused when my children are not here. I could offer this to people who have nowhere to lay their head.
I am going out this evening for a meal with friends. I’ll probably spend £20. I could save lives with this money by giving it to a charity that provides mosquito nets that prevent malaria.
Julian first. Julian first.

President Donald J. Trump is the apotheosis of our system.
He shows us what we are like.
And we don’t like ourselves.

4 thoughts on “I am Trump

  1. This is so right, thank you for your boldness. And thank you for helping me understand why my integrity stopped me from signing the anti state visit petition – its a stone I need not cast.

  2. Crumbs, this is deeply profound and thought provoking! It’s a challenge to accept that what I see outwardly as deeply unjust is a reflection of that which is within me also. It doesn’t make the outer issues any less inhumane and unjust and worth protesting about, but also perhaps is an invitation to me to consider doing something also about the inhumane and unjust within myself. Thanks Julian.

  3. wow powerful stuff Julian, thanks for your writing. Daniel Siegel said the other day that the most dangerous idea we have in the world at the moment is that we are separate selves. When we realise that we are all deeply connected we have to stop seeing those we don’t like as the ‘outgroup’ and take joint responsibility for what we are all doing. That’s a big one!

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