Audio Prayer: Presence, Gratitude, and Kindness

Christ is risen.

This is my third offering of recorded prayer. It is a version from the post, “The only 3 prayers you need,” in which I suggested that presence, gratitude, and kindness comprise the three important prayers.

This audio file is longer than the others. Here it is one complete recording.

Presence – Gratitude – Kindness (complete)

I have also divided it into five segments so you can focus on one of the three prayers if you wish.

You can click on the little arrow on the left-hand end and the recording will start playing. Alternatively, you can download them as mp3’s to play on your favourite device.

Feel free to use or share these prayers with others. If you do this, please acknowledge where you got them, and direct people to this website. Please encourage them to subscribe.

If you are helped by these recordings, please consider supporting me with a donation towards the time they took to make and the cost of the equipment I use.

This is an experiment. I would be grateful for any feedback, either in the comment section below, or privately using the Contact page.

I wish all the Easter Blessings for you in this extraordinary time.

Photo by Suraphat Nuea-on from Pexels

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