Prayer of St Manchan

My wish, O Son of the Living God,
ancient eternal King,
is for a secret hut
as my dwelling in the wilderness.

Grey shallow water at its side;
a clear pool for the cleansing of sins
by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

A lovely wood close by,
around it at every side,
to foster the birds of many voices,
to shelter them and to shield them.

Facing south for warmth
a stream in its gardens;
choice land of abundance
for the growth of many plants.

A few young disciples
(we’ll decide the number)
humble and obedient,
praying to the King.

A lovely church decked in linen
a place for God in heaven
with bright lights
over the clean white scriptures.

One room to visit
for the care of the body,
without lust or sloth
or any wanton thoughts.

For cultivation,
I would have them and nurture in safety:
fresh and fragrant leeks, hens, speckled salmon and bees.
Fulsome food and raiment from the King of pleasant fame.

With myself just seated there,
praying to God in every place.

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