Audio Prayer: Simple opening to God’s presence

I have decided to start making some audio recordings of prayers, meditations, and reflective exercises. Sometimes, when I wake in the night, I wish there were some guided prayers I could listen to, to settle me, to connect me with God, to remind me that, beneath it all, all is well and I am safe. I decided that I would record my own guided prayers that I could listen to when I felt the need and to share with you.

This is the first of these prayers.

Simple opening to God’s presence

You can click on the little arrow on the left-hand end and the recording will start playing. Alternatively, you can download it as an mp3 to play on your favourite device.

Feel free to use or share this prayer with others. If you do this, please acknowledge where you got it, and direct people to this website. Please encourage them to subscribe.

If you are helped by this recording, please consider supporting me with a donation towards the time it took to make and the cost of the equipment I use.

This is an experiment. I would be grateful for any feedback, either in the comment section below, or privately using the Contact page.

15 thoughts on “Audio Prayer: Simple opening to God’s presence

  1. Really helpful, grounding,’decluttering’! And so good hear your familiar tone soothing me into a place of trust and security.

  2. Thank you, Julian. It was good to be with you and to hear your voice after all these years. Every blessing on your continuing and developing ministry.

    1. So positive in this strange time to see your name Tony.
      As Julian says …… it would be lovely to meet up again.
      In my prayers.

  3. Thank you so much for your post last night. I slept well having listened to “Simple opening to God” . I will join you on Wednesday

    1. Thank you, Alex. I’m so glad you slept well. That is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for. I look forward to seeing on Wednesday.
      With my prayers,

  4. Thank you Julian, this gentle and kindly prayer is exactly what I needed today. What a blessing and a wonderful resource to pass on to others.

  5. A gift and blessing, your voice took me out of the everyday and lifted me to the presence of God.
    Thank you.
    I am a friend of Tony Kemp

  6. Julian,
    I want to echo all the comments above. This is a beautiful, welcoming way to seek God especially in these uncertain days. Thank you!
    Many blessings on you,

  7. Such a blessed relief to receive and listen to this. I’d been scrambling around for something to tune and rest into and encountered too much activity and DOING in what I’d found. I melted and released tension with tears with this. Such a safe and tender place to be. And so lovely to hear your voice, Julian. Thank you.

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