From resentment to recollection

Whenever I walk in a London street, I'm ever so careful to watch my feet;   And I keep in the squares,   And the masses of bears, Who wait at the corners all ready to eat The sillies who tread on the lines of the street,   Go back to they lairs,   And I say to them, … Continue reading From resentment to recollection

Evanescence (IV)

4. Prayer on retreat, July 2014 [Read parts I, II & III] Here I am again, looking for something exciting on the iPhone, doing everything I can to avoid prayer. It is addiction: anything to stop me coming home to myself, and the work of coming home to You. What am I doing? I am … Continue reading Evanescence (IV)


When engaging in contemplative prayer à la Keating or Main, or when meditating, the direction given is to eschew thoughts. Thinking happens. You cannot avoid, stop or squash it. Notice thoughts as they arise and let them go. It's ok, it's normal, it's what the mind does, it is easy to get hooked, but don't … Continue reading Desk-clearing

How to find your inner wisdom

What's the one thing? After 24 years of coaching individuals and groups from nearly every walk of life, I can say with confidence that the people who do really well over time are often not the smartest, or most well-read. They can be introvert or extrovert; seemingly self-assured or apparently neurotic and insecure. What they … Continue reading How to find your inner wisdom

What is your question?

I am entranced by Tuesday night's documentary, Make Pots or Die, about the potter and author Edmund de Waal, in the BBC1 arts series, imagine, presented by Alan Yentob. In a voiceover in the final minutes, Edmund de Waal gives a testament of his life. How objects get handled, used and handed on is not … Continue reading What is your question?