Crisis at Christmas

I am volunteering at Crisis for Christmas on 23, 24 & 25 December. I shall be a general volunteer and driver at the Link Rough Sleepers venue. I am excited by this and I should be grateful if you would contribute to Crisis by sponsoring me. Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and … Continue reading Crisis at Christmas

Morning Prayer, flying over the sea to Málaga

O Lord, open our lips; and our mouth shall proclaim your praise. Visit us with your salvation and sustain us with your gracious spirit. That shift in consciousness from "me me me" – selfish, self-obsessed, held tight, defensive – to "I and You" – relaxed, open, other-concerned. I am ok. I am safe. There's nothing … Continue reading Morning Prayer, flying over the sea to Málaga

Morning Prayer

There is always the feeling that I must get somewhere and achieve something or work something out. This is completely habitual. But really, prayer is nothing more than opening my heart to You. It is back to de Caussade and The Cloud. It is repeatedly remembering to relax back into Your presence; and then I … Continue reading Morning Prayer

After walking Evening Prayer

I feel mild anxiety coming on. The day is ending. Night is approaching. All our labours are ceased. It is a little death. We are thrown into the darkness where there is nothing to be done. We exist in a vast emptiness. Our existence is no longer justified by our productivity. We are more readily … Continue reading After walking Evening Prayer

Male Orange-tip Butterfly Three times a week I make the journey from home to the West Mid. I value the 1¼hr journey—the ½hr train journey and the walk either end. I am learning how to pray in this time. It is, notwithstanding, an unpleasant experience for me: I am surrounded by traffic, people and unremitting noise and … Continue reading Male Orange-tip Butterfly