How to find God in the humblest of things (IV)

You are part of something unimaginably bigger than you.
You can have little or no idea what that is about.
It is above your pay-grade.

You are a single letter in the book of God’s story.

Each particle of this world is your sister or brother because we are all born of the same star;
and so you could treat each thing, however humble – because humble – with familial tenderness.

Why might Life want anything more for you than delight in your sisters and brothers, in washing, sleeping, eating, breathing…?
God is the Life in every moment of your ‘stupid little life‘.

Each minute by-passed on the way to some bigger purpose is a beggar passed by on the other side.

Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly” right now, not in a spectacular act of generosity or sacrifice, but now, reading, eating breakfast, shaving, walking, on the train, looking out the window, typing: in each and every grain of being this body.
This is where God is and what God wants.
You could be this with justice, kindness and humility to this God-given, holy moment.

Whatever you are doing, whoever you are, God is here, in this, in you.
Nothing special.

[Look out for part V tomorrow.]

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