Silence and Honey Cakes, part 3

Well, here’s some more (continuing where I left off).

Life, Death and Neighbours (cont.)

… the only way in which you know the seriousness of separation from God is in your own experience of yourself. … ‘If you have sin enough in your own life and your own home, you have no need to go searching for it elsewhere.’ … ‘If you have a corpse laid out in your own front room, you won’t have leisure to go to a neighbour’s funeral.’ This is not about minimising sin; it is about learning how to recognise it from seeing the cost in yourself.


For me, this next is a real killer.

… to assume that you have arrived at a settled spiritual maturity which entitles you to prescribe confidently at a distance for another’s sickness is in fact to leave them without the therapy they need for their souls; it is to cut them off from God, to leave them in their spiritual slavery — while reinforcing your own slavery. … As in the words of Jesus [Mt 21.13], you have shut up heaven for others and for yourself.


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