In another statement that demonstrates how we, as a society, fail to join the dots, Alan Johnson is concerned about the level of obesity in this country. Well done: very up with the Zeitgeist, Al.

Well, if we spend so much time and money and space encouraging and manipulating ourselves into being nothing more than consumers (“consumero ergo sum”) [please, someone, correct my Latin], what do you expect? “My name is Julian. I am an addict: TV, CDs, that lovely soya yoghurt from [in]Saino‘s, the Internet, my new mobile phone, now sadly lost or stolen or strayed, books on spirituality, etc. (the list is endless, so I won’t go on at length as if I were Clement Freud in Just a Minute); thank you so much for giving me ample opportunity to feed my addiction.”

We live in a terribly split society: we want to have it all; and we don’t want to be fat.


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