F. Couperin Les barricades mystérieuses by Fix Nicolet


This has been one of my favourite pieces of music for many years, having first recorded it from Radio 3 onto a cassette tape when a student. It was on the radio again this morning played beautifully on the piano. Here it is in a sweet rendition on the guitar. Thank you, thank you, thank you Fix Nicolet.

One thought on “F. Couperin Les barricades mystérieuses by Fix Nicolet

  1. Thanks for posting. It is a moving version for sure.
    I have been scouring the web recently to find out anything about Fix Nicolet and how he plays this piece. All I can find is videos of him but nothing about where he lives and how he plays.
    Which in itself, is an accomplishment, to live in this connected world by your music only!

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