Through kindly attention to the sensations of this body you can connect into a process of ever-deepening immersion into the reality of God at your centre and at the centre of life. I write here primarily about:

  • God, and how to foster your relationship with God;
  • prayer, and how to pray; and how
  • attending to this body is prayer and a way to God. [Read more…]

The naked night

The night is terrifying. In the dark and the solitude, in the chasm between the lighted bustle of the days, everything drops away and disappears in the depths. No identity left, given, assumed, or invented. No work. No significance. No ambition. No façade. Only being is left: this small, naked, freshly minted mite of the Universe. This is the true identity: this new-born creature enfolded tenderly by the night. In flight from this fate we turn to a legion of distractions, diversions, and misdirections. Most damagingly we turn to each other. We blindfold each other to the truth.