Heaven, Hell and Life After Death

When the chips are down, I don't believe in Heaven or Hell as some vision of Life After Death. Let me be clear though: I do believe in Life After Death. I shall live on in the worms and grass and bacteria, and the birds who eat the seeds from the plants and trees I … Continue reading Heaven, Hell and Life After Death

My half century

I am 50 today. It's strange. There is a feeling of having arrived – solid, adult, an achievement. I am a work-in-progress: who am I? who/what am I for? And, inevitably, there is death around the bend in the road. Somehow the now, the not-yet and the no more are held together. It beats me. … Continue reading My half century

Thoughts at a bedside

What are we doing when we sit in prayer with a person as they are dying? The prayer, the blessing, is in the particulars: these lines and wrinkles; this graying hair; these tired, baggy eyes; this pattern of breath; this body, these cells that hold all, all, all that this person is. Has this person … Continue reading Thoughts at a bedside

Going Home

This body will return to earth become one, again, with the round world: seep into soil, dissolve decay into richness life-giving dust, remnants of a kind flame, scattered motes of blown smoke collected by the smallest of creatures; water, the most of me, pattering outside a listener's window becomes Water of Life once more runs … Continue reading Going Home