There is another world

While making my porridge I practise gratitude – gratitude for the porridge, for being able to cook, for this body that can move and make, for being alive, being safe, and having food. I think about the importance of practising gratitude as a way to make explicit and grounded what is only implicit and theoretical. … Continue reading There is another world

Oh no you don’t!

You say you are lazy, but you're not. You go to work. You get lots done. You check you emails, update your FaceBook page and your Twitter account. You surf the Net looking up things of interest to you. You spend hours researching and cooking nice meals. If you want to do it, you do … Continue reading Oh no you don’t!

How to find God in the humblest of things (IV)

You are part of something unimaginably bigger than you. You can have little or no idea what that is about. It is above your pay-grade. You are a single letter in the book of God's story. Each particle of this world is your sister or brother because we are all born of the same star; … Continue reading How to find God in the humblest of things (IV)