Word Allergies:
No.2 “The Environment”

I am a Prince Charles fan. It takes courage to speak as he has done today in The Telegraph, to risk reputation with the likelihood of ridicule and controversy. It's made me think about the use of the words the environment. There are certain words and phrases to which I have developed a rather nasty … Continue reading Word Allergies:
No.2 “The Environment”

Thomas and Friends

I was listening to a patient (RIP 7 June) this morning talking about how useless she feels just lying in bed all day without anything to do, feeling guilty that everyone is looking after her, being so kind, and that she can't help anyone in return. I was reminded of the stories of Thomas the … Continue reading Thomas and Friends


In another statement that demonstrates how we, as a society, fail to join up the dots, Alan Johnson is concerned about the level of obesity in this country. Well done: very up with the Zeitgeist, Al. Well, if we spend so much time and money and space encouraging and manipulating ourselves into being nothing more … Continue reading Fat

God is dead: thank God

I feel the need to have a rant (not a feeling I am unaccustomed to). This may be the first of many. <rant> Today on Start the Week on Radio 4, Grayson Perry and Jonathon Green were banging on about being ("fundamentalist" in Perry's words) atheists. Their images of God are so outmoded and childish: … Continue reading God is dead: thank God