Prayer in a time of grief

My father died on Easter Sunday 2010. Six months later my long-term relationship hit the buffers. I found myself in a car-crash of intense sadness and anxiety with few air bags to cushion to blows. The doctor wrote me a few sick notes. I took time off work. I went back to work. I found … Continue reading Prayer in a time of grief

Four steps to God

I live separated from myself, from this body, too much. I can locate this body and my centre fairly easily, though taking up full residence is a process that takes time and a commitment to presence. Remember: to come home to yourself is to come home to God. Coming back home is a four-fold process. … Continue reading Four steps to God

No need

Yesterday, I was asked what is meant by justification by faith. This is how I see it, though I am aware this differs from much, if not all, of what is written about this contentious subject. 'Justification' is a synonym for 'having worth'. 'Faith' is a synonym for 'trust'. Justification by faith – the assertion … Continue reading No need

Yes, but…

…though truth and love can never really differ, when they seem to, the subaltern should be truth. Auden, The Common Life In all the spiritual exercises that follow we bring the intellect into action in order to think and the will [heart] in order to stir the deeper affections. We should therefore note that the … Continue reading Yes, but…