From resentment to recollection

Whenever I walk in a London street, I'm ever so careful to watch my feet;   And I keep in the squares,   And the masses of bears, Who wait at the corners all ready to eat The sillies who tread on the lines of the street,   Go back to they lairs,   And I say to them, … Continue reading From resentment to recollection


The body holds deep sadness. The loss of people you love: those who have died; lovers and friends with whom you have fallen out, or lost touch; children who have moved away. The love you never received, that was not forthcoming; and the love you cannot give, your lack of capacity for loving. The loss … Continue reading Sadness

Kindness is Your presence

(Once in a while, as I am writing my morning pages, along come thoughts that emerge fully formed. Here is this morning's gift.) Yesterday evening, coming home on the tube, I tried to practise kindness towards the other commuters. In the midst of all our jostling for position and selfish desire to claim a space … Continue reading Kindness is Your presence

Practising kindness

I had a salutary experience yesterday evening. I was leading Open Soul Space, a facilitated gathering for meditation, contemplative prayer, sharing and teaching that is offered monthly at the London Centre for Spiritual Direction. We had all just settled down for 20 minutes’ silence when a man started talking on his phone in the street … Continue reading Practising kindness

The feeling of being yourself, part 1

Sartre defined not potential but finitude as the essence of freedom: ‘To be finite … is to choose oneself . . . to make known to oneself what one is by projecting oneself toward one possible to the exclusion of others. The very act of freedom is therefore the assumption and creation of finitude.’ Jean-Paul … Continue reading The feeling of being yourself, part 1